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How do I get involved?

Show your parents this Web site! Only your parents can sign you up for Mystery Academy.

If you have a child who is interested in Mystery Academy, please visit the When page for a listing of our current class schedule and how to register. If there are no classes near you, please contact the PTA or PTO at your child's school and ask them to sponsor Mystery Academy.

Mystery Academy can take place anywhere there are children interested in learning the Art of Magic. Schools, summer camps, day care centers and recreation programs have all hosted one or more Mystery Academy sessions. The minimum number of children needed to sign up for the program is 10, and in order to insure a small student to teacher ratio, class sizes normally are limited to 20, (though multiple classes are certainly possible).

Sessions typically run for 15 one-hour classes, twice a week. Advanced classes are available for students who are interested in learning more than the basic course. The fee for Mystery Academy is both reasonable and negotiable depending on the class size and the number of classes and sessions desired. A small included materials fee covers the cost of apparatus for the course. For more information, and to schedule an interview, contact Chris McCauley.

Contact info
Telephone: 240-449-9394
Address: 2906 Peregoy Drive, Kensington, MD 20895

For more information or booking call 240-449-9394 or email

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