Mystery Academy
Build Your Child's Imagination And Confidence!
What is Mystery Academy?

Mystery Academy is a school offering a complete course of instruction in the Art of Magic for children. Students of Mystery Academy learn a wide variety of magic tricks and presentational skills, as well as dramatic presentation, comedy, manual dexterity, and positive ideals. Mystery Academy is founded on the idea that the magic as a performing art combines the best of many arts and sciences to produce a student who is disciplined, self-motivated, imaginative and confident.

In order to accomplish this goal, the founders have combined their knowledge of magic with years of experience in the performing arts, martial arts and teaching of children to produce a curriculum that is unique in its quality and effectiveness.

We have carefully selected class material to be challenging yet within the reach of most students, using the best of the "classics" of magic as well as some new "cutting edge" material.  The sleight of hand, secrets, and apparatus used in the class are no different than those used by many top professional and famous magicians around the world. The goal is to provide a firm foundation of mental, social, and physical skills for the pursuit of magic as a hobby or a profession. Mystery Academy is a rare opportunity for children to see into the inner workings of this ancient art and craft.

Mystery Academy operates through existing eductional/recreational institutions. It can be the perfect complement to your community's existing arts, after-school, "gifted and talented" or summer programs.
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